Welcome to Bare Mountain Studio

April 19, 2017

Welcome to Bare Mountain Studio formely known as Muddy Mindi. 


Working with the form and movement of the clay, is important to me. Nature is the inspiration for all of my creations. Even though I love to throw on the wheel, my passion is slab building.

I hand build & sculpt vases with poppies, calla lilies, coneflowers and whatever other kind of flower inspires me that day. I grow every day as an artist, and my passion is to create each piece from my heart.

I'm a self taught potter. All the items I make are unique and one of a kind. 

I make them with high quality clay and glazes. They are made to be functional and to be seen as a piece of art. 


At Bare Mountain Studio we also make handcrafted  soaps & eco printing. All soaps are made by the cold pressed method in small batches with infused oils and scented with essential oils. 


Eco-printed clothing is created by layering prepared natural fiber fabric with local plants and flowers.  The material and leaves are bundled together, tightly bound and steamed.  This process creates a permanent transfer of pigment from the leaves to the cloth.  Then some are dyed in a indigo bath.  All color and pattern come from the plants themselves! .




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